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LGBTQIA+ friendly, consent centered,
and body-positive boudoir experiences celebrating you exactly as you are.

You are worthy and

you are welcome here.


We all struggle with self-love and acceptance.


Maybe you've thought that you needed to wait for a boudoir session. Maybe you've thought that you weren't worthy of one. That if only you did (fill in an arbitrary goal here) that you would finally be able to make the leap.

Let me be the first person to tell you that you are worthy of feeling good in your own skin; of embracing this body of yours; of creating a time capsule of self-love and acceptance.

In my boudoir sessions, I promise to provide you with an amazing and unique experience that helps you connect with your body and sensuality in a positive way. I will hype you up, make you laugh, and capture all of the moments in between. 

I will meet you exactly where you are, being mindful of your comfort and consent. You set your boundaries and I will always respect them.



Please note that studio or other rental fees may apply to your session. 

I also periodically offer boudoir mini shoots and discounted rates!
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Boudoir Session

​Available for individuals, couples, polycules, and small groups (2-4 people)


  • 1 hour session

  • 50 edited, high-res images delivered via a digital gallery

  • 1-2 outfit changes

  • Outfit assistance

  • Posing guides and assistance

  • 1 instant film photograph to take home after the session!

Starting at $600

Boudie Party

Looking for something fun to do with friends or your bachelor/ette/x party? Have a boudie party!


  • 2 hour session

  • 50 edited, high-res images delivered via digital gallery

  • 1 outfit per person

  • Outfit and posing assistance

  • 1 instant film photograph per person to take home after the session!

Starting at $800

How it Works

From the moment you inquire about a session, I start developing an idea of how to tailor the boudoir experience to your tastes and comfort level! 

I'll help you every step of the way, from coming up with a pose gallery so you know what to expect to offering outfit guidance if you need it! When it's time for your session, I'll guide you through poses, all while making you laugh and feel empowered. I'll show you your pictures as I shoot them, and I'll always check in to make sure you're feeling comfortable. We'll even play a playlist that gets you feeling confident and sexy!

Boudoir sessions can be done in a studio, hotel, or the comfort of your home.

Want to learn more about my process and get tips on what to wear and how to get ready for your session?

Kind Words

Kristen is the best!


She made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera, which is unheard of. She is such a hype woman that anyone would feel like a babe. I was really nervous and she made me feel at ease. Her direction and talent made for incredible shots that I treasure.


I can't thank her enough for capturing my favorite photos of myself.

I felt so comfortable with Kristen! She has this contagious energy and positivity.

She was down for all the different ideas I brought to the session. She directed me where I felt comfortable.


I left feeling incredibly sexy, empowered, and excited to see the photos!


She's absolutely AMAZING - I cannot recommend her enough.


If you're looking to do a spicy photoshoot, Kristen is your gal!


I decided to do this boudoir shoot as a radical self-love gift to myself and I couldn’t have found a better photographer to have this experience with! I was so nervous getting started, but Kristen’s presence was immediately comforting and she was so easy to be around, especially for something so vulnerable.


She created such a safe and warm environment and was really wonderful at hyping me up and letting my confidence shine through.

I love knowing that she is pro-LGBTQ+ and body-positive, which also made me feel even safer with her. Kristen is truly a talented photographer and was so amazing at giving direction for different poses!

The whole experience made me feel so beautiful, powerful, and sexy! Every insecurity I had about my body going into the shoot was no longer relevant by the time we were done.

This was one of the most inspired experiences I’ve had in forever!


I never thought I would be the type of person to be able to fully let go and be vulnerable in this type of experience, but Kristen made me feel SO comfortable. My literal hype woman for our entire session!


I can not express enough how fun this session was and how confident I felt walking out of the session.


I am in LOVE with my photos, but also just have so much more confidence after this. Thank you thank you thank you Kristen!


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